We have helped over 100 community and voluntary groups, third sector agencies, government departments and private sector organisations in Ireland to develop sustainable strategies for crucial community initiatives and services.


Community organisations and service providers require sustainability so that client groups can have security and continuity in essential community initiatives and services. TSA’s success in helping community based organisations to achieve sustainability is proven and is, we believe, based on a number of things: TSA specialises in third sector work. Our focus is on community benefit, working with the private, public or community sector. Our team’s expertise is varied and can address all aspects of this complex sector. Our team is always up-to-date on international evidence-based research and trends in the third sector and can advise from a broad perspective.

Social Research

TSA carries out social research contracts for third sector organisations, includdesk-basedased research and literature review, primary research and statistical analysis. We have experience in undertaking qualitative and quantitative research, and we have completed national research studies on sensitive issues with hard to reach groups.


Third sector organisations carry out evaluations for internal purposes and as a requirement of funding agencies. TSA’s consultants are fully qualified and experienced in all aspects of evaluation. See our Case Studies for examples.


TSA can provide reliable advice on available funding and has a proven track record in preparing successful business plans and funding applications for our clients.

As well as preparing funding applications and business plans for all national and EU funding programmes TSA advises on sustainable funding.

We can Advise projects on new sources of funding We are developing RURBINE initiatives across the country. RURBINE is an initiative where a rural and an urban based project form a partnership to generate electricity from wind turbines and share in the income. Contact us for more information about RURBINE Sustainable projects typically have more than one income source. TSA helps clients to identify and develop additional income streams whether from external bodies or through activities which generate new income.

Management Support

Boards of managements and staff employed in the third sector work together in a complex environment. Frequently, issues of management and governance can arise which require external expertise for the smooth running of the organisation’s services or initiatives.

TSA’s team is experienced in working with management teams in the best interest of all concerned and with a solid understanding of the core values of the third sector.

We offer a full range of management supports such as finances, accounting, HR, governance, conflict resolution, and forward planning.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporations and private sector businesses have an important role to play in community development. At TSA we have worked with some of Ireland’s leading multi-nationals to develop innovative and impactful strategies to benefit local communities while meeting business objectives.

Corporations have a duty to ensure that their operations are sustainable and have a positive impact on the communities in which they operate. It’s important that the private sector is able to achieve this in a way that doesn’t negatively impact on their business.

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